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Here at PDX Fingerprinting, we offer live scan fingerprinting services that are quick, easy and accurate. We have over 10 years of experience in the field, so you can trust that your prints will be handled with care. Plus, our service is available 7 days a week and walk-ins are always welcome. So no matter what your schedule looks like, we’ve got you covered. Come in today for a quick and easy live scan fingerprinting service!

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What Is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Live scan fingerprinting is a process that uses electronic scanners to capture live images of fingerprints. These images are then sent to a central database for storage and processing. The advantage of live scan fingerprinting over traditional methods is that it is much faster and more accurate. As a result, live scan fingerprinting has become the preferred method for conducting background checks and other screenings.

PDX Fingerprinting is a leading provider of live scan fingerprinting services. We use the latest technology to capture high-quality fingerprints and provide fast, reliable results. Our live scan fingerprinting services are available for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. We also offer mobile live scan fingerprinting services for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more about our live scan fingerprinting services.

Ink and Roll Fingerprinting

FD-258 CARDS (BLUE & WHITE CARD) Fingerprints are processed on FD-258 cards or any othe requested form. Prints can be taken from a live scan capture or ink for your convenience.

Mobile Fingerprinting

Mobile fingerprinting is a process that uses mobile devices to capture fingerprints. This technology has been used in law enforcement and security applications for many years.

SF-87 Fingerprint Card

SF-87 Fingerprint Card is used for any federal jobs such as translators for federal purpose, Customs and Border Patrol Applicants. SF87 fingerprint applicants must receive this specific fingerprint card from the requesting employer.

What are the benefits of electronic fingerprint capture?

There are many benefits to electronic fingerprint capture, including:

  1. It is a quick and easy way to get high-quality images of someone’s fingerprints. -The process is simple and only takes a few seconds.
  2. It can be done for law enforcement or security purposes, or simply to create a digital record of someone’s fingerprints.
  3. Inkless fingerprinting is less messy, no ink issues.
  4. Some of the benefits of electronic fingerprint capture include its quickness, simplicity, and versatility. In terms of law enforcement, this technology can be used for things such as identifying criminals or matching fingerprints at crime scenes.
  5. For security purposes, it can be used to verify the identity of people who are accessing certain areas or using certain devices.
  6. Additionally, it can be helpful in creating a digital record of all every person’s fingerprints as it is difficult to change or fake one’s fingerprints.

What are fingerprint cards?

Fingerprint cards are physical copies of an individual’s fingerprints. They are typically used for background checks and to authenticate an individual’s identity. The process of live scan fingerprinting is often used to create fingerprint cards. This involves electronically scanning an individual’s fingerprints and then converting them into a digital format. Fingerprint cards can also be created using ink-Based methods, but this is not as common. Once a fingerprint card has been created, it can be used for a variety of purposes, including criminal background checks and employment screening.

What are the benefits of using fingerprint cards?

Fingerprint cards provide a quick and easy way to identify individuals. They can be used to track down criminals, solve crimes, and prevent identity theft. Additionally, fingerprint cards can be used for positive identification in situations where someone has lost their ID or needs to prove their identity. We can do ink-less cards and archive fingerprints so you don’t have to take fingerprinting cards.

States in the USA like Oregon and Michigan etc require the submission of documents for expungement and seal for one’s record. At PDX Fingerprinting, we provide you with expungement fingerprinting on FD-258 cards so that the application process becomes easier for all clients.

What is the expungement fingerprinting card?

The expungement and seal fingerprinting card is a requirement for the process of filling out and submitting the application for expulsion by background check with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The process is for those individuals who are applying for a change in their record. This takes place in case of a change in the criminal history of a person. The criminal charges could be dismissed against this individual, or a not guilty verdict could be passed for this application to be eligible.

The expungement fingerprinting card or FD258 application does not seal the record of the person. It simply erases the charge they were acquitted of from their file. The charges are deleted both on paper as well as electronically. The expungement order is filled out after the fingerprinting process has been completed along with the other application requirements, and the FBI makes the changes to their database.

The expungement fingerprinting card or FD258 card can also be applicable for those who have certain convictions. If it is a Class E felony or a Misdemeanor charge against the person, and they have paid their fines and completed their community service, they can apply for the expungement process to remove the charges. Another case where individuals can apply for an expungement order is the case of a mistaken identity. If an individual has had their identity stolen, they can submit their expungement fingerprinting card to remove all criminal charges against them.

All the individual has to do after the expungement order has been processed is keep the original copy of the expungement order as proof.

What are the documents required for an expungement fingerprinting card?

The expungement fingerprinting card application needs to be filled out by the individual along with a set of their fingerprints FD-258. A notary needs to be present to authorize the application, and needs to sign off on it as well

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