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Mobile Fingerprinting

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What is mobile fingerprinting?

Mobile fingerprinting is a process that uses mobile devices to capture fingerprints. This technology has been used in law enforcement and security applications for many years. However, it is now becoming more common in the business world as a way to verify the identity of employees and customers. We at PDX Fingerprinting have a team of professionals who can help you execute Mobile fingerprinting and also other services like live scan fingerprinting services, apostille oregon fingerprinting

How does mobile fingerprinting work?

Mobile fingerprinting works by capturing a digital image of a person’s fingerprints using their mobile device. The image is then processed and matched against a database of fingerprints. This process can be used to verify the identity of an individual or to track their movements.

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Is mobile fingerprinting secure?

Yes, mobile fingerprinting is considered to be a very secure way to verify the identity of an individual. The data is stored securely and can only be accessed by those who need to know. The technology is used widely and has been approved as a method of verifying identity in many sectors such as; schools, universities, libraries, hospitals and prisons. For example, there’s a service called a biometric access control system

Advantages Of Mobile Fingerprinting

Mobile fingerprinting services can be availed by law enforcement agencies for background check of any agency or an individual that they need to know about before hiring them, or doing business with them.
Furthermore, mobile fingerprinting makes it easier for people who need certain background checks without having to go through crowded court houses just to get their fingerprints taken. With fingerprinting made easy and accessible to anyone at any time and anywhere, this method has become very popular especially among employers, real estate companies and other businesses on a regular basis.

Why Choose PDX Fingerprinting for mobile fingerprinting service?

Team of experts – We are a team of experts trained to excel in the services we offer.
Quick service – Our motto is to guarantee quick and accurate services to all our clients.
Privacy & security – We make sure all the sensitive documents and fingerprints are kept secured and are never shared with anyone.
Locally owned & operated
Quick response time

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What are Mobile Fingerprinting Advantages

Mobile fingerprinting is a process that uses mobile devices to capture fingerprints, and mobile fingerprinting services are used for background checks on an individual.

Do I need to provide any documentation at my Mobile Fingerprint?

We require only a valid photo ID for mobile fingerprint documentation.

Who needs Mobile Fingerprinting?

Mobile fingerprinting makes it easier for people who need certain background checks without having to go through crowded courthouses just to get their fingerprints taken.

Why is it important to have the Florida livescan?

Florida has a live scan law that requires all new employees to submit their fingerprints for a criminal background check.