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On-site Mobile Fingerprinting Service in Oregon & Washington State

Our on-site mobile fingerprinting service brings the fingerprinting process to your doorstep. Instead of having to travel to a designated location, our trained professionals will come to your preferred site, whether it’s your office, home, or any other convenient location. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to strict protocols to ensure accurate and efficient fingerprinting.

On-Site Mobile Fingerprinting Services & Solution

Convenient, Time-Saving, & Comfortable!

When you order our mobile fingerprinting services, our dedicated trained staff will visit your home or office to scan your fingerprints. The process will require 10 minutes of your time, and you will be back to your routine in no time. You can book your appointment at your convenience. We are operational during business hours, weekends, and evenings.

What is On-site Mobile Fingerprinting Services?

Mobile fingerprinting enables a convenient way of getting your fingerprints collected. At PDX Fingerprinting, we come to you for mobile live scan fingerprinting, making background checks easy for you. Our team is trained professionals who use the latest machines available in the market to collect crispy clear fingerprint scans, reducing errors and rejections. Get in touch with us and book your appointment today. The technicians will stop by your home or your office to scan your fingerprints.


One of the primary advantages of mobile fingerprinting is its convenience and accessibility. Clients can schedule appointments at their preferred time and location, making the process hassle-free. Moreover, it saves valuable time by eliminating the need for extensive travel and waiting in queues.

On-site mobile fingerprinting services provided by PDX Fingerprinting offer unmatched convenience and efficiency. By bringing the fingerprinting process directly to your doorstep, we eliminate the need for individuals or organizations to travel to a designated location, saving precious time and resources. Whether you need fingerprinting for employment background checks, licensing, certifications, or any other purposes, our mobile service ensures a hassle-free experience without causing disruptions to your schedule. Additionally, our mobile notary &  fingerprinting offerings, providing comprehensive support for all your documentation needs right at your location.

Who Needs On-site Mobile Fingerprinting Service?

Individuals: From job seekers needing background checks for employment to individuals requiring fingerprinting for immigration or personal reasons, our on-site service caters to all.

Businesses and Corporations: Employers seeking pre-employment screening, background checks, or security clearance for their staff can benefit from our mobile fingerprinting service, saving time and resources for both the employer and the employees.

Government Agencies: Government agencies often require fingerprinting for various purposes, including licensing, permits, and security clearances. Our on-site service ensures that government entities can fulfill their fingerprinting needs efficiently.

Non-profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations may require fingerprinting for volunteers or staff working with vulnerable populations. Our mobile service makes it convenient for these organizations to ensure the safety and security of their operations.

Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities may need fingerprinting for faculty, staff, or students for background checks or security purposes. Our on-site service simplifies the process for educational institutions, allowing them to focus on their core mission.

Fingerprinting for Doctors and Nurses: doctors and nurses may require fingerprinting for various reasons, including employment background checks, licensing, and certifications. Fingerprinting helps verify the identity of healthcare professionals and ensures the safety and security of patients. It is often a requirement for obtaining medical licenses, certifications, or working in certain healthcare settings. Additionally, fingerprinting may be part of the credentialing process for healthcare facilities to ensure that only qualified and trustworthy individuals are employed in critical roles.

Healthcare Background Checks

Newborn Identification and Security: In certain cases, such as adoption or surrogacy arrangements, newborn infants may require fingerprinting for identification and security purposes. Our on-site mobile fingerprinting service offers a gentle and non-invasive way to capture the fingerprints of newborns, ensuring accurate identification and providing peace of mind to parents and guardians. With our mobile service, families can complete this important step in the comfort of their own home, allowing them to focus on bonding with their new arrival without the need for additional stress or inconvenience.

Childcare and Early Childhood Education: Childcare centers, preschools, and early childhood education programs often require fingerprinting for employees who will be working with young children. Our on-site mobile fingerprinting service offers childcare providers a convenient option to ensure the safety and security of their facilities and staff members, allowing them to focus on providing quality care and education to young learners.

fingerprinting background checks

Volunteer Organizations and Community Groups: Volunteer organizations, community groups, and nonprofit agencies rely on volunteers to support their missions and initiatives. Many of these organizations require fingerprinting for volunteers who will be working with children, the elderly, or other vulnerable populations. Our mobile service makes it convenient for volunteers to complete their background checks and fingerprinting requirements, facilitating their participation in valuable community service activities.

Healthcare Sector: Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities often require fingerprinting for employees as part of their credentialing process or for background checks. Our mobile service ensures minimal disruption to the busy schedules of healthcare professionals while meeting regulatory requirements efficiently.

Finance Background Checks

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Benefits of On-Site & Mobile Fingerprinting Services In Oregon & Washington State


Mobile fingerprinting brings the service directly to your preferred location, whether it's your home, office, or another convenient site. This eliminates the need for individuals or organizations to travel to a designated fingerprinting location, saving valuable time and resources.


Our mobile fingerprinting service offers flexibility in scheduling appointments, allowing clients to choose a time that best fits their busy schedules. This flexibility ensures minimal disruption to daily routines and operations.


For individuals with mobility challenges or those residing in remote areas, mobile fingerprinting provides accessible and convenient access to essential fingerprinting services. This ensures that everyone can fulfill their fingerprinting requirements without barriers.


Conducting fingerprinting at your location ensures privacy and confidentiality. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that their personal information is handled discreetly and securely, without the presence of other individuals or distractions commonly found in public fingerprinting locations.


Our trained professionals utilize state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to strict protocols to ensure accurate and efficient fingerprinting. By streamlining the process and minimizing wait times, our mobile service enhances efficiency and productivity for both individuals and organizations.

Customized Solutions

We understand that different clients have unique needs and requirements. Our mobile fingerprinting service offers customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring a personalized and satisfactory experience.

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Coverage Area in Oregon & Washington State For Mobile Fingerprinting Services

Urban Centers:


Our mobile fingerprinting service covers all major urban centers in Oregon and Washington State, including but not limited to Portland, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Forest Grove ,Seattle, Eugene, Spokane, Salem, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, and more. We understand the bustling nature of urban life and strive to bring our convenient fingerprinting solutions directly to our clients in these vibrant cities.


Rural and Remote Areas:


In addition to urban centers, we also extend our mobile fingerprinting services to rural and remote areas across Oregon and Washington State. We recognize the challenges faced by individuals and organizations in these areas, including limited access to traditional fingerprinting facilities. Our mobile service ensures that even those in remote locations can access professional and reliable fingerprinting solutions without the need for extensive travel.


Expansion Plans:


At PDX Fingerprinting, we are continuously exploring opportunities to expand our coverage area and reach more communities in Oregon and Washington State. We are committed to serving the diverse needs of our clients, regardless of their location, and are actively pursuing plans to extend our mobile fingerprinting services to additional regions and territories.


After trying 2 other passport photos places for my kids that were either not able to get photos taken or were too busy, we called this place after randomly seeing on a google search. The people here were so helpful, found a slot free for us, and were great at getting the kids to take nice pics. Also they were very reasonable. Will come back here first if I ever need fingerprints or notary or passport photos again.

Jon G

Amazing services. Best scheduling, quick response time, extremely helpful and kind staff! Since my visit they were continuosly available to answer questions. Awesome place, I highly recommend them and will use them in the future!

Nirvana Kos

Great, fast, friendly service. I highly recommend and will use again if the need arises.

Paul Cressman

Personnel were friendly, took their time, and guided you through all the steps. This was worth every penny.

Earl Scott

Very professional and personable. I actually had to do mine twice as I have an old broken finger issue. It was taken care of quickly and professionaly. Highly recommended!

Mike Morton

Conveniently located and the photos came out great. Thank you!

Hieu Ton

The lady that fingerprinted me was extremely professional. She was efficient in her activities, provided me with excellent instructions, made me feel comfortable and in all ways made this a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this service.

David Handler

Amazing place to get your fingerprints done, quick and easy. Fingerprint tech was kind and informative.

Diana Jones

There's a $50 minimum price. You must pay for two cards whether you need it or not. Other than the price point issue, the lady in lake Oswego was very professional over the phone.

Greg Bowman

Very happy with my experience! Quick, easy. $25 fingerprint cards. Great folks who are obviously experienced.


Got my fingerprints done and it was super quick & professional. I highly recommend this place!

Stephanie Liu

So easy and fast to get my finger prints done, much better then a trip to the sheriff's office.

Gabriel Rodriguez

FAQ About Mobile Fingerprinting

Our mobile fingerprinting service provides you with the convenience of not coming to our office for your fingerprinting needs. When you place our mobile service order, our team will come to you and collect your fingerprints. We use state-of-the-art machines to ensure accuracy and client satisfaction.

The typical duration of our mobile live scan fingerprinting service is 10 minutes per person. In 10 minutes, we will scan your fingerprints to completion and be on our way.

Mobile fingerprinting is a process that uses mobile devices to capture fingerprints, and mobile fingerprinting services are used for background checks on an individual.

We require only a valid photo ID for mobile fingerprint documentation.

Mobile fingerprinting makes it easier for people who need certain background checks without having to go through crowded courthouses just to get their fingerprints taken.

Discover our flexible scheduling options, including the possibility of same-day appointments, depending on availability.

Explore our comprehensive range of PDX services available at your location, Oregon.

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