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Why is it important to have ATF fingerprinting?

ATF fingerprinting cards hold your fingerprints for documentation. They act as confirmation of your identity when you are applying for your firearms license. There are a lot of documents that are required to be submitted for getting a FFL or Federal Firearms License or registering your guns. The guns come under the NFA category and Title 2 Devices under the National Firearms Act. These guns include the following:

Machine guns

Short-barreled rifles 



Heavy weapons


And weapons that come under the “Any other weapon” (AOW) category like any disguised firearms or improvised firearms

An FFL license is not something that is handed out easily. To be able to hold a license to purchase firearms, individuals have to prove that they are upstanding members of society and they are sound of mind and body. To obtain a firearms license, there is a thorough background check conducted by the federal government that includes extensive research into one’s background, their financial situation, their criminal records and history and their medical reports. 

ATF fingerprinting cards are a part of the required documentation necessary for a Federal Firearms License. The ATF form 1 fingerprint cards for the FFL documentation requirements do not require a police officer to be present when the ATF fingerprinting scan is taking place. So we can provide the services of our notarised officials to help individuals applying for their firearms license with our ATF fingerprinting scanning services.

ATF fingerprinting cards are primarily required for two forms, which are Form 1 and Form 4.

The Form 1 is the Form 1 Application to Make and Register a Firearm (ATF Form 5320.1). The form is an application to apply for making NFA guns, but it does not include machine guns. By making a firearm, we mean modifying one’s existing firearm as well as building one on your own. People can submit the Form 1 if they want to make short barrel shotguns, short barrel rifles, silencers for their pistols or other modifications that come under the destructive devices category. These modifications include pistol grips, grenade launchers and even cannons.

The second form, Form 4 that requires ATF fingerprinting cards is the Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm form. This form is filled out for individuals who want to purchase an already registered firearm or NFA. It allows for transfer of ownership of the firearm or modification of part of the firearm such as a silencer. It is to authenticate the purchase to the second person. Any type of transfer can be completed legally with the Form 4 unless it is being transferred to a dealer or a government agency. Like the Form 1, one cannot use this to purchase machine guns from their owners. Other instances where the Form 4 cannot be used is if you want to import or export firearms or to transfer the FFL license.

Both ATF Form 1 fingerprint cards and Form 4 fingerprint cards are necessary for the documentation process in the application. 

What are the critical documents required for ATF fingerprinting for an FFL?

The Federal Firearm License has a number of requirements for its ATF Fingerprinting process. The ATF fingerprinting cards require the following documents:

Your legal name

Your signature with your full legal name

Your residential address 

The date on which you are scanning your fingerprints for the ATF fingerprinting card

The signature of the notary officer who is conducting the ATF fingerprinting card scan

Any maiden names or aliases that you might have used in the past

Your citizenship details

Your social security number 

The ORI details of our agency that is processing your ATF fingerprinting card

Your date of birth

Your place of birth

Other identification details such as sex, race, height, weight, hair color and eye color

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