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Welcome to PDX Fingerprinting, your premier destination for top-notch fingerprinting services throughout Oregon. If you are in need of USPS fingerprinting services, look no further. At PDX Fingerprinting, we provide the same essential fingerprinting services as USPS, but with several key advantages that set us apart, including same day appointment, affordable rates, fast & accurate results, and exceptional customer service.

What is USPS Fingerprinting?

USPS Fingerprinting is a new service introduced by the United States Postal Service, offering individuals the convenience of fingerprinting for fingerprint cards and FBI background checks. This service allows applicants to fulfill the fingerprinting requirements necessary for various purposes, such as employment, licensing, or immigration processes. With USPS Fingerprinting, you can expect a straightforward and efficient process, leveraging their network of designated locations.

While USPS offers this essential service, PDX Fingerprinting stands out as a professional alternative that goes the extra mile to ensure a superior experience for our valued customers. We offer the same live scan fingerprinting services as USPS but with several distinct advantages, including flawless accuracy, time-bound assistance (less than 15 minutes appointment), and utmost customer satisfaction. If you are searching for “USPS fingerprinting near me”? Contact us to book your appointment today or visit one of our facilities to start.

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Looking for USPS Fingerprinting Location Near You?

If you're in search of a USPS fingerprinting location near you, we have an alternative that offers more than just convenience. At PDX Fingerprinting, we provide reliable and professional fingerprinting services that surpass your expectations. While USPS offers fingerprinting services, PDX Fingerprinting takes it a step further by prioritizing your satisfaction and delivering a seamless experience. We have multiple locations conveniently situated throughout the area, making it easy for you to find a nearby facility. Our network of designated locations ensures that you don't have to travel far or encounter unnecessary delays in obtaining your fingerprints. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Experience Reliable USPS Fingerprinting with PDX Fingerprinting.

When it comes to reliability and expertise, PDX Fingerprinting sets the bar high. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to capturing accurate and clear fingerprints, ensuring a successful outcome for your fingerprint card or FBI background check. We employ state-of-the-art technology and follow stringent procedures to maintain the highest standards of quality and precision. Beyond our commitment to accuracy, we place great emphasis on providing outstanding customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you throughout the fingerprinting process, addressing any concerns or questions you may have. Book your appointment with PDX Fingerprinting today and discover the superior experience that awaits you. We also offer ink and roll fingerprinting services.

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How We Help You with Our Fingerprinting Solutions.

At PDX Fingerprinting, we understand the importance of convenience and efficiency. That's why we provide same-day appointments, ensuring that you don't have to wait for extended periods to have your fingerprints taken. Our streamlined process guarantees a prompt and hassle-free experience, saving you time and eliminating unnecessary delays.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our dedicated team takes pride in delivering exceptional service. We believe in going above and beyond to assist you throughout the fingerprinting process. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer your questions, offer guidance, and provide the support you need, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

24/7 Customer Support Availability.

To further enhance your experience, we offer comprehensive phone support. Whether you have inquiries before or after your appointment, our dedicated support team is just a phone call away, ready to assist you with any questions or concerns that may arise.
Choose PDX Fingerprinting as your trusted partner for fingerprinting services. We pride ourselves on professionalism, accuracy, and exceptional customer care. Book your appointment today and discover the PDX Fingerprinting advantage—convenience, reliability, and a seamless experience tailored to your needs.


After trying 2 other passport photos places for my kids that were either not able to get photos taken or were too busy, we called this place after randomly seeing on a google search. The people here were so helpful, found a slot free for us, and were great at getting the kids to take nice pics. Also they were very reasonable. Will come back here first if I ever need fingerprints or notary or passport photos again.

Jon G

Amazing services. Best scheduling, quick response time, extremely helpful and kind staff! Since my visit they were continuosly available to answer questions. Awesome place, I highly recommend them and will use them in the future!

Nirvana Kos

Great, fast, friendly service. I highly recommend and will use again if the need arises.

Paul Cressman

Personnel were friendly, took their time, and guided you through all the steps. This was worth every penny.

Earl Scott

Very professional and personable. I actually had to do mine twice as I have an old broken finger issue. It was taken care of quickly and professionaly. Highly recommended!

Mike Morton

Conveniently located and the photos came out great. Thank you!

Hieu Ton

The lady that fingerprinted me was extremely professional. She was efficient in her activities, provided me with excellent instructions, made me feel comfortable and in all ways made this a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this service.

David Handler

Amazing place to get your fingerprints done, quick and easy. Fingerprint tech was kind and informative.

Diana Jones

There's a $50 minimum price. You must pay for two cards whether you need it or not. Other than the price point issue, the lady in lake Oswego was very professional over the phone.

Greg Bowman

Very happy with my experience! Quick, easy. $25 fingerprint cards. Great folks who are obviously experienced.


Got my fingerprints done and it was super quick & professional. I highly recommend this place!

Stephanie Liu

So easy and fast to get my finger prints done, much better then a trip to the sheriff's office.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

Please note that PDX Fingerprinting does not offer Live Scan services specifically for USPS employment purposes. We provide fingerprinting services for other applications such as background checks, licensing, immigration, and more.

At PDX Fingerprinting, we offer comprehensive fingerprinting services for various purposes, including employment outside of USPS, background checks, licensing, immigration, and other personal or professional requirements.

While PDX Fingerprinting does not provide Live Scan services tailored specifically for USPS employment, our fingerprinting services are conducted using industry-standard techniques and equipment. These services can fulfill fingerprinting requirements for other purposes you may have.

Absolutely! PDX Fingerprinting welcomes appointments for a wide range of fingerprinting needs, including background checks, licensing, immigration, and other personal or professional requirements. Simply schedule an appointment with us and experience our efficient and reliable services.

The fingerprinting process at PDX Fingerprinting typically takes around 15 minutes for non-USPS purposes. We strive to provide a swift and convenient experience while ensuring accurate and reliable results.

While our primary focus is on providing high-quality fingerprinting services, we understand that you may have other questions or requirements. Please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team, who are available to assist you with any inquiries or guidance you may need.

Yes, we provide USPS and Fedex shipping service to ship your fingerprints cards

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