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Mobile Notary Services

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What services does mobile notary offer ?

Mobile notaries offer a wide range of services, including: 

– Notarizing documents 

– Witnessing signatures 

– Administering oaths and affirmations 

– Certifying copies of documents 

– Providing legal advice

Benefits of hiring a Mobile Notary

  1. Convenience: 

At PDX Fingerprinting, we have professional mobile notaries.  We come to your place of convenience, your home, or office which is especially helpful if you are unable to travel. 

  1. Speed: 

All of your documents can often be notarized quickly and easily with our mobile notary services. 

  1. Accuracy: 

We strive to get more accuracy while notarizing your documents. We review your documents thoroughly and notarize them. 

  1. Peace of mind: 

When important documents need to be notarized, it can be reassuring to have our professional notaries handle the task. You can sit back and relax! 

  1. Expediency: 

Oftentimes, documents that are notarized through a mobile service can be processed more quickly than if you were to go through a professional notary services process .

How Does The Mobile Notary Process Work?

When you need to have a document notarized, but you can’t get to a notary public, you can use a mobile notary.
Step 1- Contact and tell us where and when you need our mobile notary services.
Step 2- Tell us what document needs to be notarised and we will schedule the time and place that is feasible for you.
Step 3- Our Mobile notaries will come to the decided place, be it your home, office, hospital, restaurant or anywhere else decided mutually.

Why Choose PDX Fingerprinting for mobile notary services?

  • Team of experts – We are a team of experts trained to excel in the services we offer.
  • Quick service – Our motto is to guarantee quick and accurate services to all our clients.
  • Privacy & security – We make sure all the sensitive documents and fingerprints are kept secured and are never shared with anyone.
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Quick response time




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Mobile Notary & Fingerprinting

We can help with services by appointment only:

How do we provide mobile notary service?

PDX Fingerprintin offers professional fingerprinting notary services. We come to your location, home or office which can be especially helpful if you are unable to travel.

what does a mobile notary do

Mobile Notaries travel to the customer’s location to perform notary work

What are the functions of a mobile notary ?

Mobile Notary travel’s to a client’s place be it home, office or any other place of their choice to save their travel time. Mobile Notary notarizes different kinds of documents at client’s chosen place.