Would you like to know how you can secure the data in that case, you should know about inked fingerprints – a relatively new tracking technique that can be used to identify and track users online. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what fingerprinting is, how it works, and why you should be concerned about it. Fingerprinting services are great way to keep your privacy and security protected. This record also allows you to bypass security measures that require identification, such as entering your home or office. Our Ink fingerprinting services are door step which will provide you not only the confidential service but also the freedom from worries. While these services can provide a convenient way to identify people, they also pose a risk to personal information and privacy. It is important to understand the risks before using a fingerprinting service, and to take steps to protect your information.

Privacy & Security of ink fingerprinting

Once you have something secured data which requires a safety net you will have always stand up with the question “how well my data is protected”. Hence, you will see those who has high-end data are cautiously optimistic about this new service and its ability to keep personal data safe. One thought which will always surround you is if the security measures and protocols to ensure that your data is protected from unauthorized access or no. If it’s safe to provide access to that one employee whose been working since long time.

Utilizing fingerprints as unique identifiers, if you are holding a company you can ensure the privacy and security of your customers by requiring ink fingerprint authentication before access is granted to certain information or systems. While this technology provides an extra level of security for customers, it is important to be aware of the potential implications of sharing your fingerprints with third-party companies.

Benefits Of inked fingerprints:

When you need to sign a legal document, it’s important that the signature is legitimate and binding. One way to ensure this is by using fingerprinting services to verify the identity of the person signing the document. If you’re looking for a more secure way to sign documents, consider using fingerprinting services. It has a high level of security and accuracy when it comes to verifying document legitimacy.

By taking fingerprints from all signers, service providers can compare them against prints on file to verify identity. This process helps to ensure that no fraudulent signatures have been placed on. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of this technology to ensure the security and integrity of their documents.

As we all know federal employees make important decisions that can impact the lives of millions of people. Fingerprinting provides a clear picture of an individual’s criminal history and allows agencies to properly vet candidates for sensitive positions. If a crime is committed, fingerprints can provide valuable evidence that can help investigators identify the perpetrator. Overall, fingerprinting is an important tool that helps keep our federal workforce accountable and protects the American people.

Proven reliability:

Ink fingerprints have been used for over 100 years and are a trusted method of capturing fingerprint detail. The ink adheres well to the ridges and valleys of the fingertip.

Low tech and low cost:

Ink and paper are inexpensive materials. Minimal training is required to take ink fingerprints. This makes it accessible for use in most settings.

Easy visualization:

Ink prints produce a clear image of the fingerprint pattern, with the ridges showing black and the valleys white. This makes analysis and comparisons easier.


Ink applied directly to a fingertip captures all levels of detail reliably. Ink prints are considered more permanent records compared to digital scans.

Criminal database compatibility:

Most law enforcement databases for fingerprint matching and criminal records are based on ink prints. Ink prints taken from a suspect integrate seamlessly into these existing systems.

What next?

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