What is a Fingerprint Card

A fingerprint card is a paper card that is used to capture fingerprints and print impressions. The cards have a space to capture rolled fingerprints of each individual finger as well as plain impressions of all ten fingers together. Fingerprint cards allow for fingerprints to be recorded in a standard format that can then be processed, stored, and shared. Fingerprints cards are commonly used for Out of state licenses

The standard fingerprint card has spaces to record forensic information as well as personal details of the fingerprint subject. The personal information section includes fields like name, date of birth, signature, address, height, weight etc. The forensic section allows examiners to capture information like reason fingerprinted, date, types of prints (rolled, plain etc), and identification data. 

 These cards are an integral part of the fingerprinting process that has been used for over 100 years. They allow print impressions to be recorded in a uniform way for various verification needs. 

If you need fingerprint cards for a background check, license application, Expungements, Set Aside or other purpose, there are a few convenient options to get them Near You. PDXFingerprinting provides fingerprinting cards and fingerprinting services and can supply FBI-approved cards. Simply request a quote us and we’ll provide fingerprinting services and FBI-approved fingerprint cards at our convenient Oregon locations


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The FD-258 is the standard fingerprint card used by law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and private companies to record fingerprints. Individuals may need to be fingerprinted for background checks, employment screening, licenses, and other purposes. 

On PDXFingerprinting, we can provide details on the FD-258 card, including how to properly complete it with personal information, fingerprints, and signatures. We can explain the procedures for getting fingerprinted and submitting the cards to the appropriate recipients like police departments, courts, or companies requesting fingerprints. Our information will ensure people correctly fill out these cards so their prints are usable for necessary checks and records.


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The FD-1164 is a fingerprint card that is often required for licensing, employment, and other applicant purposes. Unlike the standard FD-258 card used by law enforcement, the FD-1164 is specifically for applicant fingerprinting needs.


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The SF-87 fingerprint card is required by many federal agencies in the United States for security clearance applications, background checks, and other government purposes. Our website provides information on how to get SF-87 cards and fill them out properly to meet the specific guidelines of federal organizations. We assist individuals seeking federal employment or security clearance in obtaining and completing the SF-87 fingerprint cards according to federal specifications.

Who Needs a Fingerprint Card?

 People applying for certain U.S. visas need to get fingerprinted. The prints are run through databases by the FBI to check criminal history. 

Police officers, federal agents, crime scene personnel and other law enforcement staff need fingerprinting for identification and database storage. 

Government agencies and contractors frequently require fingerprint cards for security clearance processing. Things like FBI clearances require fingerprint submission.

Bank employees, mortgage brokers and others in finance may have to submit fingerprint cards from time to time for clearance purposes.

As part of certain court cases, defendants or persons of interest may be required to provide fingerprint impressions as evidence.

Prospective adoptive parents often have to get fingerprint cards to comply with state regulations. 

Doctors, nurses, real estate agents, teachers and other licensed professionals commonly need fingerprinting for license approvals.

Where Can I Get Fingerprint Cards?

Many police departments provide fingerprint cards for local residents who need them. Some may require requesting an appointment specifically for getting the cards.

PDX-Fingerprinting Services:

Many fingerprinting companies like PDX Fingerprinting provide the cards along with taking prints. This ensures proper procedures are followed. 

If fingerprints are needed for a specific job, license or benefit, the PDX-Fingerprinting may also provide the cards for you.


They provide cards to those needing FBI-specific fingerprint background checks. Requests can be made directly to the FBI.

Be sure to always use high-quality cards that follow FBI standards. Avoid novelty look-alike cards that may not be accepted in official situations. Stick to reputable providers of cards when possible.


Where Can I Get My Fingerprints Taken? 

Once you have fingerprint cards, you need to get your actual prints taken. There are a few options for getting your fingerprints captured:

  • FBI Background Check and INK fingerprinting services of PDXFingerprinting specialize in fingerprinting for employment, visas and other needs. Many offer walk-in times.
  • For company background checks, employers may coordinate onsite group fingerprinting events to capture employee prints on provided cards.
  • If cards are needed specifically for FBI background checks, then we are available on all location on the State of Oregon for the fingerprinting.

Be sure to fingerprint only with reputable providers to avoid problems with prints being rejected.

Ink vs Digital Fingerprints: What is a Fingerprint Card?

Fingerprinting used to always be done by inking fingers and rolling onto cards. Now digital scanning known as “live scan fingerprinting” is common. Here are the differences:

Ink Printing :

Uses ink Fingerprinting, cards, and physical impressions. Older method but still accepted. Some rural areas may lack digital.

Digital Printing:

Uses advanced scanners to capture prints digitally. Electronic format enables near instant results.

Process TimeInk can take weeks to manually scan and processDigital is often processed within hours. 
QualityInk depends on rolling technique – Too light/dark can ruin printsScanners reliably capture quality images each time.

What are the advantages of fingerprint card:

  • Fingerprint cards provide a uniform way to record prints that is accepted across agencies and organizations. This facilitates information sharing.
  • With ink cards, examiners can visually compare print patterns across cards for manual identification.
  • Cards can integrate into automated fingerprint identification systems along with digital scans.
  • Lightweight cards allow for easy transportation and mail submission to agencies like the FBI.