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Live Scan & Ink fingerprinting in Lake Oswego

Live Scan & Ink fingerprinting in Lake Oswego

What is live scan and ink fingerprinting in Lake Oswego?

Ink and live scan fingerprinting are the two main types of biometric-based identification methods used by law enforcement agencies across the world. They also form the basic foundation for most security programs deployed today, such as those in place at airports and military facilities. These systems employ a digital or automated system that captures and stores an individual’s unique fingerprint characteristics, which can then be compared to previously recorded fingerprints during subsequent screenings.

Why opt for Live scan fingerprinting services?

1) Faster Results When using Live Scan, results can be returned within 24-48 hours of submitting your information via email or fax (some locations arrive sooner).
2) Increased authenticity Live scan fingerprinting increases the  authenticity of your card. In addition, the information that is captured from your fingerprint includes a 3-D image of the print which makes it harder to alter or forge.
3) Easier Licensing Process Licensed professionals can get their new cards expedited through the licensing process for a small additional fee. This saves time and effort in getting licensed as quickly as possible.

How does Live scan fingerprinting work?

Livescan is the automated process of recording fingerprints with digital technology. A livescan device captures an image of each fingerprint and reads its unique identifying characteristics, which are then electronically submitted for processing to the agency or agency’s third-party processor. Generally, one finger per individual is recorded at a time on standard paper using non-carbon ink.

Why opt for ink fingerprinting services?

1) Ink fingerprinting is more accurate and is less prone to error than other methods.
2) Ink fingerprinting leaves a more permanent record and is faster and easier than other methods.
3) Ink fingerprinting is less expensive and does not require specialized equipment or training like other methods do.

How does ink fingerprinting work?

Ink fingerprinting is the process of recording fingerprints on a hardcopy document using ink . An individual is supposed to use the fingers and thumb to give their fingerprint impressions using ink.

Why Choose PDX Fingerprinting for live scan fingerprinting and ink fingerprinting in Lake Oswego?

    1. Team of experts – We are a team of experts trained in live scan fingerprinting services and ink fingerprinting to offer you the best service.
    2. Quick service – Our motto is to guarantee quick and accurate services to all our clients.
    3. Privacy & security – We make sure all the sensitive documents and fingerprints are kept secured and are never shared with anyone.
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