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  1. What is a live scan fingerprinting card and what is it used for
  2. How to complete the fingerprinting card
  3. What to do if you have any questions or problems completing the fingerprint card
  4. Where to send the completed fingerprinting card
  5. How long it will take for your fingerprints to be processed
  6. The cost of having a live scan fingerprint card completed

A live scan fingerprinting card is a vital part of any state or federal background check. In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps necessary to complete a live scan fingerprint card. We will also provide tips for ensuring the accuracy of your fingerprints. Thanks for reading!

Live Scan fingerprinting cards are used by employers to verify an employee’s identity. They’re also sometimes known as ” Live scan Background Check.”

The process typically unfolds like this: When you apply for a job, your employer will ask if they can scan the back of one hand with their device and then store it digitally on file so that no paper trails were left behind during employment screening procedures

The instructions on this card should be followed to complete the enrollment process. Make sure you have submitted all required documents and payment for your new fingerprinting account before proceeding with any further steps of cutting or laminated cards!

We hope this guide has been helpful and cleared up any confusion. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us at the number below or by emailing customer service through our website!

Input: You can avoid having troubleshooting problems with your fingerprint card requests when they are completed correctly in advance as follows…
Double check that all information is inputted on each required field which includes both Name (last name)/ address etc for yourself AND mother’s maiden name if she was alive during childhood years before marriage date (as well other personal details like DOB). Make sure photographs meet qualification guidelines such as only recent passport imagery where clothing does not obscure your face

The best way to submit your completed fingerprint card in Oregon or any other state is by mail. You can send it through the Post Office with proper documentation and they will deliver it right away! Your Employer will provide you with the details of where to send the documents.

The time it takes for your prints to be processed will depend on the current workload of our technicians and how quickly they can get you scheduled.

In general, most people wait about 5 minutes before being fingerprinted but this may change based upon several factors including where exactly in processions or if there are any unforeseen issues with their identity document such as missing pages from an identity card book which would make testing impossible without more information from you regarding what was lost/stolen etc.. So please feel free contact us anytime during business hours (Monday-Friday) at www.pdxfingerprinting.com

The cost to have a live scan fingerprinting card completed is $50.00 for 2(cards)

That’s it! You’ve now completed your live scan fingerprinting card. If you have any questions or problems completing the form, be sure to comment below and we will do our best to help out. The cost of having a live scan fingerprint card done is typically around $90-150 depending on where you go, but it is worth every penny to have peace of mind that your child is safe. Have you ever had a fingerprint card done? Comment below and let us know about your experience.