a) Is it situated at a convenient location you can reach?

Figure out where is the office of the notarization services situated in Oregon before agreeing to obtain their notarial services. Ideally, you would like to opt for a notary that is in near proximity to wherever you stay like Portland, Beaverton or Hillsboro so as to lower your traveling time. Purchasing the help of a notary that is situated at an entirely different city is really a waste of the time, particularly if you’re made to make follow-up meetings. Fast research on Google Maps along with your own favorite GPS device will easily show the estimated traveling time between you and the notary service in Oregon.

b) Is Their Notarization Service Worth it?

Examine the notary’s qualifications you want to opt to make certain they’re just the perfect match for your requirements. Many notaries in Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro exhibit their credentials and some other specialization fields on their site, company cards, service description, etc. which can be a good starting point for you. In the event you need notary services for your legal documents, you are probably going to need to select somebody with an educational or skilled background. Doing this lowers the probability of any errors in the execution of their service and will ensure a smooth experience for both you and the Notary Public.

c) Make Sure You are Being Charged The Right Amount

Always make sure how much you are being charged by the Notary Public before agreeing to pay for their services. Oregon has its own cap on how far a notary can legally charge for his or her services. Check the Secretary of State’s site for Oregon to determine this limitation. It is essential to note however, this is only a limit, not the actual price of the services he or she can render.

Mobile notaries in Portland, Beaverton or Hillsboro are lawfully permitted to charge an additional convenience fee if there happens to be any traveling involved which aren’t covered b the state of Oregon, therefore you may expect to pay them more for their services. A regular mobile notary in Oregon may easily charge a convenience fee of $50-$180 in addition to the original cost of his or her services rendered.

d) Is the Notarization Service easily accessible?

You should always make sure you can you reach the notary you choose on his or her own cellphone. Otherwise, you might want to choose elsewhere for your notary services. If you end up in a pinch and need to get in touch with the Notary Public who performed a service for your documents, you need them to be only a telephone call away. There’s plenty of experienced notaries in Portland, Hillsboro and Beaverton who acknowledge the value of open communication and set focus on making themselves accessible to customers. So always make sure you choose a notarization service that makes itself easily accessible to your requirements.