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Florida Live Scan

Florida Live Scan (FDLE)

FDLE background checks are a way for companies across industries and other forms of official organizations to verify the existing status of an individual. The FDLE fingerprint background check offers a way of identity verification and status of a potential employee, potential parent, and more. We offer Live scan fingerprinting services and ink fingerprinting along with FDLE fingerprinting and FDLE livescan services to our clients who want to conduct a background check on an individual or themselves.

Why is it important to have the Florida Livescan FDLE fingerprinting and background check?

The Florida Livescan Services (FDLE) has set out certain guidelines for organizations to follow when they are associating with new individuals. Companies can conduct background checks on their new employees to check their history for any discrepancies in the past, any actions that were unlawful in nature, or any criminal offenses they have been booked under. It ensures that the new hire is sound of mind and has a clean life so far and is a law abiding citizen of the country.

The Florida Live Scan FDLE fingerprint background check comes in two levels. One is the state level and one is the national level. Individuals might need to complete their background check on either level based on the requirement put forth by the organization they are choosing to associate with. 

Level 1 of FDLE background check checks only the Florida state’s criminal history. Level 2 of the FDLE background check includes the directory from Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as the national database created by the FBI.

There can be many instances where you as an individual are required to present a background check report. Some of the situations where you would be asked for a FDLE fingerprint background check include:

  • Employee verification: Some employers are required to have a thorough background check done of any new candidates before they become full time employees at the organization. They might need a thorough criminal history report of the individual, based on the industry they are working in.
  • Travel and student visa: Some countries require a background check to be completed as a part of their Visa application process before they can travel to said country. It is a part of the documents the individuals have to present in their application so that they can get accepted and obtain the visa.
  • Personal reasons: You might want to do a routine background check to ensure the safety of your identity. Identity theft is a lot more commonplace than you think and a routine check might help you stay out of any potential trouble. You can also choose to get a FDLE fingerprint background check done on a new vendor, partner, or coworker before you begin a new relationship with them to ensure they have no criminal background or history
  • Adoption of children: Potential parents might be asked to complete a background check of themselves before they can be eligible for adopting a child in certain states or countries. This is a requirement for many countries if you are considering adopting from a foreign land.
  • Court proceedings: Lawyers and attorneys might ask their clients or their persons of interest to get their background check done to assist them in the matter of a criminal or civil court proceeding. It can be detrimental to a court case.
  • Remove inaccuracies: A background check can also be done to make sure that any falsified charges or reports have been removed from your history. In certain extreme cases, some of your background history can be sealed or expunged so that it does not show up in a routine background check. You can conduct an FDLE fingerprint background check to confirm whether or not this has been done.

Our Promise

At PDX Fingerprinting, we offer direct submissions of fingerprints to the FDLE for both Level 1 and Level 2 of background checks. Since the situations where background checks are normally required are of utmost importance to the individual or the organization, we work hard towards providing seamless service to our clients. We want to simplify the FDLE fingerprinting process as much as possible so we send the prints directly to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Our team is trained to take the prints and perform FDLE livescan as well, so that there are no mistakes or inaccuracies and you get your results from the FDLE in no time.

What are the critical documents required for completing the FDLE fingerprint background check?

The FDLE requires certain documents along with your fingerprint that need to be submitted for the background check. These documents include the following:

  • Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) number from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
  • Valid identification
  • Reason for requesting the background check



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How many levels are there in Florida Live Scan FDLE fingerprint background check?

The Florida Live Scan FDLE fingerprint background check comes in two levels. One is at the state level, and the second is at the national level.

What shows up on Florida background check?

These checks include employment history, criminal records, It also include a credit check.