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Welcome to PDX Fingerprinting, your trusted partner for FINRA fingerprinting and background checks in Clackamas County. We understand that compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for businesses operating in the securities industry. That’s why we offer fast, reliable, and accurate FINRA fingerprinting and background check services for individuals and businesses in Clackamas County. So, get in touch today and book your appointment today!

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Get the Best Fingerprinting Solutions in Clackamas County.

PDX Fingerprinting is your ultimate destination for all your fingerprinting needs in Clackamas County! Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals offers an extensive range of services that are customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you require FBI background checks, mobile notary services, or passport photo services, we're your go-to source. Here's a brief rundown of the services we provide in Clackamas County - because when it comes to fingerprinting, we've got you covered!

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FD-258 Card

Live Scan & Ink Card Fingerprinting on FD-258, SF-87, FD-1164

PDX Fingerprinting is the platform where you get quick live scan fingerprinting with 100% accuracy. Our live scan fingerprinting service uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure fingerprinting with flawless precision.

FBI Fingerprinting & Background Check

We offer FBI background checks in Clackamas County, which are essential for a wide range of purposes, including employment, licensing, and immigration. Our FBI background check services are accurate, reliable, and timely, ensuring that you can meet your deadlines and requirements.

FBI Apostille Services

Our apostille services in Clackamas County are designed to make the process of authenticating and legalizing documents for use in foreign countries easy and hassle-free. Our experienced team can guide you through the process, ensuring your documents address all the requirements.

ATF Fingerprinting & EFT File Creation

Our ATF fingerprinting and EFT file creation services are designed to meet the specific requirements of individuals and businesses in Clackamas County. Get accurate and reliable fingerprinting results at PDX Fingerprinting.
FDLE Fingerprinting

FDLE Fingerprinting & Background Check

We provide high-quality FDLE fingerprinting services in Clackamas County. Our advanced digital fingerprinting technology ensures accurate and efficient fingerprinting results, making the process faster and more reliable than traditional ink-based methods.
FINRA Fingerprinting

FINRA Fingerprinting

PDX Fingerprinting offers electronic fingerprint submission directly to FINRA, which allows for much quicker results than the traditional mailing method. We are affordable, disciplined, and professional.

Notary Services

Our notary services in Clackamas County are designed to meet your needs for legal documents, affidavits, and oaths. Our team of experienced notaries can provide notary services for a wide range of documents, ensuring that they are legally binding and recognized by the relevant authorities.

Passport Photo Services

Our passport photo services in Clackamas County are designed to ensure that you have passport photos that meet all the relevant requirements, ensuring you can confidently travel. Get in touch with PDX Fingerprinting today for your passport photos.

Mobile Fingerprinting

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer mobile fingerprinting services in Clackamas County. Our team will come to your location at a time that is convenient for you, whether it's your home, office, or another location.

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After trying 2 other passport photos places for my kids that were either not able to get photos taken or were too busy, we called this place after randomly seeing on a google search. The people here were so helpful, found a slot free for us, and were great at getting the kids to take nice pics. Also they were very reasonable. Will come back here first if I ever need fingerprints or notary or passport photos again.

Jon G

Amazing services. Best scheduling, quick response time, extremely helpful and kind staff! Since my visit they were continuosly available to answer questions. Awesome place, I highly recommend them and will use them in the future!

Nirvana Kos

Great, fast, friendly service. I highly recommend and will use again if the need arises.

Paul Cressman

Personnel were friendly, took their time, and guided you through all the steps. This was worth every penny.

Earl Scott

Very professional and personable. I actually had to do mine twice as I have an old broken finger issue. It was taken care of quickly and professionaly. Highly recommended!

Mike Morton

Conveniently located and the photos came out great. Thank you!

Hieu Ton

The lady that fingerprinted me was extremely professional. She was efficient in her activities, provided me with excellent instructions, made me feel comfortable and in all ways made this a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this service.

David Handler

Amazing place to get your fingerprints done, quick and easy. Fingerprint tech was kind and informative.

Diana Jones

There's a $50 minimum price. You must pay for two cards whether you need it or not. Other than the price point issue, the lady in lake Oswego was very professional over the phone.

Greg Bowman

Very happy with my experience! Quick, easy. $25 fingerprint cards. Great folks who are obviously experienced.


Got my fingerprints done and it was super quick & professional. I highly recommend this place!

Stephanie Liu

So easy and fast to get my finger prints done, much better then a trip to the sheriff's office.

Gabriel Rodriguez

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